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What's the bridge?
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Many people don't know the difference between cable tray and metal trunking? Are they all the same, just called differently?

Metal trunking:

Metal trough type trunking

The width of trunking is less than 200 mm. To put it more simply, the width less than 200 mm is called trunking. Trunking is mainly used for laying wires and wiring.

Generally, the width of cable tray is more than 200 mm. It is mainly used for laying cables, which is called "cable tray"

Trough cable tray:

Trough cable tray

The load, deflection and filling rate should be considered when laying cable tray.

Trunking is also known as "trough cable tray", but some metal trunking is small in size (except ground trunking).

The trunking is almost completely sealed with cover, and the bridge can be used or not. The fixing and installation methods of the trunking and the bridge are different. The specification depends on the environment of the construction site.

Bridge, also known as "cable bridge", has many types, such as trough type, ladder type, tray type, combined type, pull open type, separated type, etc., and its materials are hot-dip galvanized, cold-rolled plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, FRP, etc.

Anti corrosion treatment can be carried out: galvanizing, color plating, fire spraying, hot dip galvanizing and so on.

There are many types of bridge, which are open, while most of the trunking are sealed (plastic, metal, rubber)

The turning radius of the bridge is relatively large, most of the trunking turns right angle, the span of the bridge is relatively large, and the trunking is relatively small.

Thickness of trunking and Bridge: 0.6-2.5 for trunking and 1.0-2.5 for bridge

From the appearance and material: our point of view is that the bridge is thicker than the trunking, and the installation is relatively firm.

The length of trunking and bridge is divided into 2 / 3 / 4 / 6m according to the standard

Cable tray has been recognized by the national Expo as the best indispensable product in the construction industry

Wide application:

Office buildings, hotels, hospitals, real estate, factories, public buildings and other engineering projects have a wide range of applications, etc.. It is an indispensable auxiliary product in the power supporting of engineering projects.

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