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Cable tray "diversification"
Tray type cable tray
Tray type cable tray is petroleum, chemical, electric power, light industry, television, telecommunications and other aspects of one of the most widely used. It has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure, easy installation, etc. it is suitable for the installation of power cable, also suitable for the laying of control cable.
Tray type cable tray, the surface treatment is divided into galvanized, electrostatic powder coating and hot dip galvanized according to the user needs, in heavy corrosion environment can be for a special anti-corrosion treatment.
Tray type cable tray can shield, need with shields, can in order to indicate and all its accessories and ladder type, trough bridge general.
Ladder type cable tray
XQJ-T ladder type cable tray is improved and according to the relevant information at home and abroad and our similar products. It has the advantages of light weight, low cost, easy installation, convenient installation, good heat dissipation and good air permeability. It can be applied to the laying of large diameter cables, especially for high and low voltage power cables.
Ladder type cable tray equipped with shields, need with shields, can in order to indicate, the all accessories and tray type, trough bridge general.
Ladder type cable tray of the surface treatment for electrostatic spray, galvanized, painted three, in heavy corrosive environment for a special anti-corrosion treatment.
Trough cable tray
Trough cable tray is a fully enclosed type cable tray, it is most applicable for laying computer cable, communication cable, thermocouple cable and other highly sensitive system control cables, it to control cable in cable shielding interference and heavy corrosion environment protection have better effect.
Shield trough cable tray with groove matching supply, other accessories and ladder type, pallet bridge general. Other specifications if users need trough cable tray to map a letter or Mianqia order.
Combination type cable tray
Combination type cable tray is a new type of bridge, cable bridge in the series of the second generation product. It can be used for projects in the various units, various cable laying, it has simple structure, flexible configuration, convenient installation, novel style, and other advantages.
Combination type cable tray, as long as the width of 100, 150, 200 mm three base type can be assembled into what you need the size of cable tray. It does not need bending production, three links and other accessories can be based on on-site installation need any steering variable width, branch, lead, under the guidance of. At any position, do not need to punch and welding after available outlet pipe. It can facilitate the engineering design, and convenient transportation and production, more convenient installation and construction, the cable bridge in the ideal products.


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