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The bridge quality standard
What is the quality of cable tray
In 1 place on the bridge vibration system, including grounding bolt connection parts, shall be equipped with spring washer.
2 requirements of fireproof metal bridge, with outer surface of metal component with refractory coating applied provisions of relevant national norms.
3. Metal bridge system, should be a reliable electrical connection and grounding, glass steel bridge should be along the bridge a total length of other laying special grounding wire.
4. Cable tray type choice should be in accordance with the following requirements: Ming Fu plastic more quantity of cables or cables across the greater distance, high voltage cable serpentine resettlement way, the proper cable tray.
5 ladder frame, the tray of the straight line over the length of the time, there should be no less than 20mm of the expansion joints, steel 30m, aluminum alloy or glass to 15m.
6. Cable tray should be smooth surface without burrs; use solid durable use, meet the load bearing ability; in line with the requirements of fire protection engineering.

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