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Hot galvanized steel wire production process is what kind of?
Answer: traditional hot dip galvanized steel wire production process is: degreasing line (alkaline washing - hot water, washing with water, washing with hydrochloric acid washing, water washing and solvent - drying - galvanized - wiping - close product line.
Which uses the fat fat, including
NaOH, Na2CO3, Na3PO4. The conventional method of steam evaporation is high, the energy consumption is serious, and the ultrasonic wave method is used. Produced by ultrasonic 20-80kHz in the cleaning solution, using the same degreasing agent, due to the cleaning liquid micro bubble can burst quickly, accelerate the decontamination, rust speed and save degreasing agent.
Pickling derusting, derusting descaling instead of hydrochloric acid by composite single, increasing pickling speed, reduce acid mist escaping. 1000ml compound formula: w (hydrochloric acid) =37%, 450-500mL; w (phosphate)%, 14-20mL, TX-10, 4-6g. SLS active agent, 4-6g. Rodine, 4-8g; additives, 5-10g.
In addition, the use of conventional plating solution, the use of ammonium chloride solution, in the production of high temperature use, the loss of volatile, but will hurt the skin and respiratory organs. The plating solution should be used in the mixture of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride, and to minimize the amount of ammonium chloride solution, the best ammonium zinc ratio is 1.2-1.6, the solvent heating temperature is 50-65.
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