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How to select the cable tray and provider
How to select the cable tray and provider? Selection of cable tray should pay attention to the problem:
1) according to the structure of cable tray: closed slot, tray type, ladder type, combination type.
2) material: ordinary steel cable tray, fire retardant bridge, aluminum alloy bridge, glass steel bridge.
In the high level of building fire retardant bridge in a preferred, preferred glass steel bridge corrosive gas environment.
Cable tray with straight bridge and various angles of elbow, three-way and four-way component, in order to need according to the drawings to the actual measurement, line groove and elbow, three links, such as components specifications, quantity, hanging stent size content listed in schedule.
Cable bridge inspection
1 according to the enterprise standard for bridge inspection
2 test procedure and test method
1) appearance: bridge plating, coating surface should be consistent with the regulations in Table 2, detection method, visual method
2) shape: two opposite edges should be parallel, both sides of bottom should be vertical and cross section shape should be correct, no bending, distortion, crack and edge burr and other defects
3) wire slot should be smooth, no damage to cable insulation, convex and sharp visual method
3 surface treatment
Bridge surface should be according to the requirements of the working environment of plating, coating protection, the protective layer thickness and adhesion should be prescribed in Table 3.
1) thickness of hot dip galvanized bridge main body, the thickness of the 1.5~3mm, minimum average thickness is more than or equal to 55am, the minimum local thickness 45am > 3mm thickness 70am local 55am
Testing standards: GB/T13912-92
Detection method: using magnetic thickness gauge.
2) electro galvanized or zinc nickel alloy
The bridge is more than 12 am (note 93)
3) spray or spray paint
The bridge is more than 50 AM detection method by GB1764 magnetic thickness tester
4) adhesion of the coating to the substrate
Hot dip galvanized in Appendix B test shall not fall off
5) electric zinc plating and zinc alloy
According to appendix B test should not fall off
6) spray or spray paint
No less than grade 3 in GB1720, test with adhesive force.
4 gloss
Protective treatment of the surface gloss should be no less than 60%.
Test method: according to GB1743, oil film gloss measurement method, using gloss meter to measure the digital direct display.
5 salt spray resistance
The surface protection layer shall have 3 levels of salt resistance and salt spray provided in table 4.
6 manufacturing precision
1) the bridge length limit deviation
When the length is less than or equal to 2 meters, limit deviation of 2mm, when the length is more than 2mm, the limit deviation of 4mm
2) the bridge width limit deviation
When the width is greater than 400mm, the limit deviation is 4mm, when the width is less than or equal to 400mm, the limit deviation is 3mm
Description: cover plate to take positive deviation, the bottom width of the slot to take negative deviation
3) bridge surface flatness tolerance
The level of the surface of the hot dip galvanizing protection treatment is not more than 8mm per meter.
Electric zinc plating and spray paint, the protection of the plane of the tolerance of each meter is not more than 4mm
4) the free state of vertical height tolerance for upwards of 1/100
5) other dimensional tolerances are in accordance with GB1804-V (the most crude in the standard)
7. Ground spraying tray should have good grounding, bridge frame connecting plate connection. Any non spraying and connected between the terminal connection resistance is less than 0.1 ohm.
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