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Metal wire groove installation requirements
Metal wire groove installation requirements
(1) the line should be flat and smooth, without distortion, and the inner wall shall be smooth and without burr.
(2) metal wire groove installation is generally applicable to the normal environment of indoor dry and not easily damaged by mechanical place, but the metal wire groove has a serious corrosion of the place should not be used.
(3) when the metal line is vertical or inclined to be installed, measures shall be taken to prevent the movement of wires or cables in the groove.
(4) all line and neutral line with a loop, should be laid in the same metal wire groove. The same path without anti interference requirements of the line, can be deposited in the same metal line slot, wire or cable within the line of the total cross section (including outer shield) should not exceed 20% of the cross section of the line, the current carrying conductor should not exceed 30. Control, signal, or a similar line, the total cut of wire or cable shall exceed 50% of the cross section of the line, or the lower limit of the number of wires or cables.
(5) metal wire grooves shall be reliably grounded or connected, but shall not be ground conductors of the equipment.
(6) a line drawn from a metal wire slot can be made of a metal pipe, rigid plastic pipe, a semi-rigid plastic pipe, a metal hose or a cable, etc.. Wires or cables are not damaged in the lead part.
(7) the main use of the metal wire groove for the installation of indoor lamps.
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