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The principle and application of electric galvanized and hot dip galvanizing range difference
Electro galvanized
Iron and steel in air, water or soil is easy to rust, and even completely damaged. Corrosion caused by corrosion of steel accounts for about 1/10, on the other hand, in order to make iron and steel products and parts surface has a special function, and to give the surface decorative appearance, so, the general use of electric galvanized way to deal with it.
One, principle:
Because of zinc in dry air is not easy to change, and in the humid air, surface energy produces a very compact basic zinc carbonate film. This film can effectively protect the internal no longer subject to corrosion. And when a certain reason causes the coating to break out of the steel matrix, zinc and steel matrix form a micro battery, so that the steel substrate is a cathode and is protected.
Two, performance characteristics:
1, the zinc coating is thick, the crystallization is meticulous, the uniformity and no porosity, the corrosion resistance is good;
2, zinc plating layer is pure, in the acid, alkali and other corrosive slow, can effectively protect the steel matrix;
3, the zinc coating formed by chromate, white color, green, beautiful and generous, with a certain degree of decoration;
4, because the zinc coating has a good ductility, it can be cold, rolling, bending and other molding without damage to the coating.
Three, application scope:
With the development of science and technology, the field of electroplating industry is becoming more and more extensive. At present, the application of electric galvanized has been spread all over the national economy in various production and research departments. For example, machine manufacturing, electronics, precision instruments, chemical, light industry, transportation, weapons, aerospace, atomic energy, etc., in the national economy is of great significance.
Hot dip galvanizing:
I. overview:
In all kinds of protective coating method of hot dip galvanized steel substrate, is a very good. It is in the state of zinc is liquid, after a very complex physical and chemical reaction, on the iron and steel is not only on a thick zinc plating layer, but also to produce a zinc alloy layer. This plating method, not only has galvanized corrosion characteristics, and because of the zinc iron alloy layer. It also has the power of the electric plating can not be compared to the proposed strong corrosion resistance. Therefore this plating method is especially suitable for all kinds of acid, alkali and other strong corrosive environment.
Two, the principle: the hot zinc coating is zinc in high temperature liquid, the formation of three steps:
1, the Fe based surface is dissolved by the zinc liquid to form a zinc - iron alloy phase layer;
2, the zinc ion in the alloy layer is further diffused to the substrate to form miscible zinc layer;
3. The surface of the alloy layer is coated with a zinc layer.
Three, performance characteristics:
(1) having a relatively thick, dense, pure zinc coating on the steel surface, it can avoid contact with any of the steel matrix and protect the steel substrate from corrosion. In the general atmosphere, the zinc layer is very thin and dense. It is very difficult to dissolve in water, so it has a protective effect on the steel substrate. If the zinc oxide and other components in the atmosphere are not soluble zinc salt, the corrosion protection is more ideal.
(2) having an iron - and zinc alloy layer, combined with a dense, in the sea salt spray atmosphere and industrial atmosphere, the performance of a specific anti - corrosive;
(3) due to the combination of solid, zinc and iron, with a strong wear resistance;
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