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One, service purpose
1 to achieve customer satisfaction:
Work style to customers as the center, continuously strengthen service awareness and service skills, quality service and effectively protect the quality of products, to win customer satisfaction.
2 pursuit of service lead:
Constantly improve the service content, the pursuit of professional services, standardization and diversification. Pay attention to active service and personalized service, shaping quality service brand, realize the industry leader.
3 to achieve customer value:
Focus on the overall effectiveness of the customer, the first step to find the customer value to enhance the point, and constantly improve the customer's full support and lasting protection, with the help of multi maintenance cooperation to promote win-win development and customer development.
Two, service procedure
Pre-sale:Customers have any service request, our sales and technical staff will work closely with you to help you understand the company's product performance, functional indicators, characteristics and price level, provide an objective reference. For you to tailor a set of the most suitable system, it can meet your real needs.
Sale:Order a set of excellent quality products, does not mean that you will have a perfect function, reliable use. The company's engineers will have to use, maintenance and technical training to customers. Customers can choose according to the different needs of different training, if just ordinary use and maintenance, you can choose to use, maintenance training.
After sale:When we will be qualified products to your hands, in fact, we provide you with the service has just begun. We will provide you with technical advice and technical support to ensure that you can use our products even if you are not professionals. At the same time, even if the top of the product can not be guaranteed that will never fail, but we can guarantee is that until you buy products are genuine warranty and warranty commitments, and once appear quality problem and provide timely maintenance, our service staff will in time for you to solve problems way. We create a separate service file for each user, your product use, maintenance of the situation will be a complete record, in order to ensure that the service provided for you accurate, thoughtful, timely. When the customer to our service quality and service attitude have any not satisfied, can call the company to service the complaint phone, we will guarantee
In two working days to deal with your complaints, until you are satisfied.
Three, the maintenance of the article
1 our company to provide customers with qualified products, life-long maintenance.
2 after receiving the customer related issues, the first through the telephone guide customers to troubleshoot the problem, such as invalid immediately sent to the scene to diagnose and maintenance, emergency situations, 24 hours to deal with the problem, the general situation, booking or two days to the scene. In the field of the purchase of equipment products quality in the title, the company made a reply within 48 hours after receiving the equipment.

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